Fancy a walk in the park?

The Comrie Dog Park is a wonderful place to take your dog for some quality time. Each of our three enclosed areas have incredible views and plenty of space to provide your pet with the perfect environment in which they can run around without getting into any trouble!

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Fresh air, plenty of open space and no worry in sight

Comrie Dog Park is located at Loch View Farm just outside Comrie. It consists of three areas of completely secure high fencing over 2 acres of farmland, with incredible views of the hills surrounding Comrie (including Ben Chonzie) and looks down onto Cowden Loch.

The Comrie Dog Park is a great place to take your dog if they need some exercise, or you just want them off the lead. Whether you’re training your pup, need some fresh air with them outdoors or just want to take in the views of this beautiful area – it’s there!

Points of note

  • Please remember to bring your own dog waste bags.
  • Please bring your dog’s favourite toys.
  • Dogs should be fully vaccinated and on a regular worming programme to ensure the safety of all other dogs using the park.